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How are TSA Scores determined?

The Software Authority strives to be different! Our results are based on factual data and you will never see a non-certified product that you never heard of being rated highly for the sole purpose of pushing sales like we often see on other review sites.

With increasing computer processor speeds being able to handle heavy workloads and improving performance significantly, TSA Scores are focused more on how well a security product protects your system from malware, viruses, and threats as opposed to how much system impact does this security product have. Reality is, if you obtain a nasty Ransomware virus as an example, does having a product that uses limited computer resources matter if you can no longer access your computer?

The TSA Score is determined by analyzing the latest review data from multiple independent testing laboratories, other reputable third party review sites and our many years of experience in the security software industry. The results from these sources are then inputted into a proprietary formula that determines the final TSA Score.

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Vipre Mobile Security Premium

Mobile security for your Android device

VIPRE Mobile Security Premium brings award-winning antivirus and Android security software to the mobile market. Protect your Android device from hackers, malicious software, and loss.

Advanced Android Security

VIPRE Mobile Security protects your Android phone and tablet. Scheduled Antivirus scans are sure to keep your Android device safe and secure without slowing you down.

Advanced Antivirus

From the makers of VIPRE Antivirus and VIPRE Internet Security you’ll get real-time, automatic protection against the latest threats to your mobile device. The high performance of VIPRE Mobile Security’s technology detects and blocks malicious software that can affect functionality or steal personal information. Now you can shop, bank, talk and text safely from the comfort of your phone or tablet.

Safe & Reliable Android Backup

Secure your data with VIPRE Mobile Security’s comprehensive Android Backup features. Losing your device doesn’t mean losing your data.

Keep Your Contacts

Now you can preserve your list of contacts no matter what happens. Our secure web backup for Android ensures your contacts stay safe and accessible. Backups, transfers, and recoveries are fast and simple.

Protect Your Pictures

Pictures on your phone or tablet are often your most precious memories. Now it’s easier than ever to make sure those memories are never lost.

Save Your Words

Over time, your Android device learns the words you use the most. If your phone or tablet is lost, you can still keep your User Dictionary and Saved Words and restore them to your new device.

Backup Bookmarks

Bookmarks are great timesavers, and a personal part of your phone or tablet. VIPRE Mobile Security Premium lets you backup your Android bookmarks so you won’t have to reenter them if anything happens to your smartphone or tablet.

Find and Lock Your Lost Android Phone

VIPRE Mobile Security helps you find your lost Android phone or tablet and protect it. From a handy device alarm to the remote wipe feature, VIPRE Mobile Security can help keep your mobile lifestyle on track.


Sometimes people lose their Android phone or tablet even though it’s nearby. Log in to VIPRE Mobile Security’s website to have your phone sound an alarm, even if it’s on silent.


Lock your lost Android phone or tablet from the website to block thieves or strangers from getting into your personal information.


If your Android phone or tablet is lost or stolen, VIPRE Mobile Security helps you remove all information and data stored on the device. When you know your phone is gone, wiping its data is the only way to be sure it never ends up in the wrong hands.


VIPRE has you covered. From the VIPRE Mobile Security website you can see your lost Android phone or tablet’s most current location on a map.

Intruder Alert

Catch criminals in the act! If someone finds your phone, they’re going to try to unlock it. After they fail to guess your PIN, password, or pattern three times, they’ve struck out. You’ll get a picture of the culprit sent back to you.

Monitor Your Android Phone

Knowing everything that happens on your Android phones or tablets can be crucial. Activity Monitor helps you to keep track of when, where and how your device is used.

Location Tracking

Our Location Tracking feature lets you view a map showing your Android device’s location. From the VIPRE Mobile Security website, you can monitor the complete history of the device’s location over a period of time. You can even set this up on your child’s Android phone.

Browsing History

Monitor all the websites visited from your Android phone or tablet. Enjoy easy access to the history of websites you’ve browsed. Access this feature from the VIPRE Mobile Security website.

Messages History

Easily monitor text messages sent from and received by your phone or tablet. Review the conversation history at the VIPRE Mobile Security website.

Call History

Monitor all the details of incoming and outgoing calls from your Android device. View who made the call, when it was made, and how long it lasted. Like all our other monitoring features, you can review the history from the VIPRE Mobile Security website.

Get to know your apps

Privacy Explorer is a tool that displays permissions for all the apps installed on your Android device. You can check for apps compromising your privacy or secretly costing you money.

Privacy Explorer

Don’t let your mobile apps invade your privacy. Easily identify which of your installed apps have permissions that could affect your privacy. Without having to dig through your mobile device, you can quickly uninstall the ones with unnecessary access to your data.

System Requirements

System Requirements

To run VIPRE Mobile Security Premium, you need either:

Any Android smart phone running Android 2.3 or higher.

Any Android tablet running Android 4.0 or higher.

NOTE:  An active internet connection for device registration, updates, and to use the web-based features is required.

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