When TheSoftwareAuthority.com was created, our founders noticed something wrong with other software reviews posted all over the internet. None of the review sites out there were really offering consumers and businesses an unbiased opinion. Many years of experience in the software industry taught us that.

When we chose to launch TheSoftwareAuthority.com our intention was to become the leading authority in software reviews, because that’s exactly what we strive to be. We continually aim to present the most independent and unbiased software review site on the web.

Our combination of experts and reviewers have many years of industry experience and we collect independent data from multiple sources to bring you the most comprehensive reviews possible today.

Now for some real honesty. Every single review site in one form or another takes a margin percentage of any products you purchase through them and you know what? So do we, but we won’t try to hide that from you.

What we won’t do is allow that to blur or smudge the accuracy of the results we provide and the honest expert opinions we offer to you as a consumer or business. Our reviews are and will always remain independent – because that’s our value and that’s the whole point of what we do.

We are your voice and we will guide you to making the purchase that is right for you.