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Panda Antivirus for Mac

Please note that Panda Antivirus for Mac is part of the Panda Internet Security for 3-Devices product. Panda Internet Security for 3-Devices give users the right to install only 1 license on a Mac® computer. iOS devices must be connected to a Panda protected Mac® to be scanned.


It blocks Mac OS X malware as well as Windows malware.

It scans files and emails.

It quarantines infected files.

It offers two kinds of scans: a real-time scan that continuously analyzes Mac files, and another that performs monthly, on-demand scans.

You can even scan iPhones, iPads and iPod touch for malware.

Real-Time Protection

Panda Antivirus for Mac protects your computer in real time against infections.  Whenever an infection is detected and blocked, the malware is automatically sent to quarantine.

Smart, Automatic Updates

Panda Antivirus for Mac updates the virus signature file via Internet to protect your Mac from the latest threats.


Every time Panda Antivirus for Mac detects and infection, the file is sent to quarantine.  So files are easily recovered and restored in the event of false positives.

Minimum Resource Consumption

Threats are neutralized without impacting the system. Panda Antivirus for Mac works silently in the background, minimizing resource consumption.

Powerful Scanning Capacity

Panda Antivirus for Mac scans for malware in other Mac products, such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch when they are connected to the Mac.

System Requirements

System Requirements

Operating System: Mac® OS X 10.8 or later

Processor: Mac® computer with Intel® Core 2 Duo processor

Hard Disk: 200 MB free space

Browser: Internet connection

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